Monique Hawkins - Dip Remedial Massage

Sports Massage Therapist

Member of ANTA 

Hi all my name is Monique and I have 20 years experience massaging and working in the natural therapies field.
I've worked alongside sporting teams in Rugby League, Basketball, Football, Swimming & Hockey at a local, national and international level.

Working in rugby league has been my main forte. I worked with several local teams in the TDRL and in 2003 I moved into the NRL working with some of the biggest clubs for over 10 years.

2010/2011 saw me the Head of massage to the A-League NQ Fury and Townsville McDonald's Crocodiles, and I've also worked alongside the NQ Cowboys in 2012.

Thanks to one of my NRL teams I had the pleasure of working with the UK Rugby League World Cup Team in Townsville in 2008 and with the Australian and New Zealand Rugby League Teams in 2012.

Currently working at my clinic @ 39 Ridley Road, Kirwan. Give me a call or text me to book in a consultation.

Contact Details:
Mobile: 0406 037 485


39 Ridley Road, Kirwan 

0406 037 485

Rock Taping 

RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries, including shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and back pain. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world.

Can be used for - 

Achilles tendonitis
Plantar fasciitis
Jumpers knee (PFS)

ACL/MCL issues
Rotator cuff
Groin and hamstring pulls

Lower back issues
Shin splints
Tennis and golf elbow

Pain associated with pregnancy
Postural correction
Skin & abrasion protection


Dip Remedial Massage

Cert IV Remedial Massage

Cert Sports Massage

Cert Muscle Testing & Exercise Therapy

Cert Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Cert Myofascial Release

Cert Stretching

Cert Level 2 Rock Taping

Cert Sports Taping (SMA & NRL)