Best tool sets for the mechanic or apprentice

When it's time to start looking for best mechanic tool set, figuring out where to start can be a bit difficult. Buying sleeve sets or keys can be tricky, and getting to half the work and discovering that you do not have all the tools you need is the worst nightmare of any mechanic.

Although these starter packages are never perfect, and tool collections are still growing, they are still a great starting point for the tool acquisition process. Whether your plan is to work at home or to consider a career in the automotive industry, there is a toolkit in this newsletter.

170 Piece Crescent Tool Kit
An ideal starter kit for the mechanic who does not have room for large toolboxes, this set covers a wide range of socket and key sizes, allen

keys, as well as a multi-bit driver / screwdriver Practice with a selection of Phillips, flat and torx.

Husky Tools 200 Piece Starter Kit
At less than 100 €, this set of departure is a real bargain. Packaged in a small steel locking toolbox, this set includes all the sockets, keys and extensions a new apprentice mechanic or sales assistant will need to start the trade. The box will even leave a little more room to add to the collection tool before moving to an appropriate rolling toolbox.

Craftsman 500 Piece Mechanical Tool Set
It would be secure to say that it is the mother of the tool sets of all the mechanics on the market today. Its 500 pieces include all the keys you might need (including adjustable wrenches and ratchets that are always useful), as well as a wide assortment of sockets and special jacks.

Kobalt 200-Piece Mechanics Tool Set
Another reasonable set designed with the house mechanic in mind, this set offers less screwdrivers. Instead, it includes a number of driver plugs that can be used in combination with your ratchets and extensions for screw removal instead. Depending on the accessibility of the component you are trying to remove, this could certainly be a convenient setup.

Tekton 135 pieces Tool Set
This set of Tekton tools does not include as many pieces as its competition. However, it compensates for this by including tools of a slightly higher quality. It does not skip sizes the same way that some Craftsman sets and other toolmakers can.

250 Piece Craftsman Tool Kit with Storage
Considering that it includes half the number of Craftsman monster game tools and only fetch a fraction of the charge, this kit is another sound choice for those looking to turn keys to live. Its sturdy plastic toolbox does not really leave room for the collection, but for the first year of work, it should not really be a problem.

Schwaben European Hand Tool Set
If you start working on your Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes in the garage, this tool kit is your new best friend. Torx sockets, triple square sockets and other strength metric goodies will allow you to disassemble your German bike without having to go to the nearest tool shop.

Pittsburgh: 301-Piece Mechanical Tool Set
Last on our list comes another complete kit, this time from Pittsburgh Tools. Very well revised to include a ton of useful tools and excellent storage at a reasonable price, this is your best option at home that does not require the purchase of a separate toolbox.

Tools to repair a car:17 essential repair and maintenance tools

There is always this feeling of discomfort when we have to leave our vehicles in the hands of professional mechanics. After all, for them, it's just another customer and no accessory to the vehicle in question; Yet, for us, our cars are one of our favorite possessions.

Anyone who agrees with this statement will understand how important it is to set aside a day in a week / month to clean, repair and revive our beloved old cars. This article discusses some essential tools that every car owner needs to have.

Essential car tools

1. Floor Jack

An necessary tool for lifting your car off the ground, a hydraulic cylinder is a must for every car owner. Make sure you know the empty weight of your vehicle so that the cylinder you choose has enough load capacity to support the weight of your car. The sidewalk rating must be at least half or greater than the empty weight of the vehicle.

Second, opt for a long grip that can horizontally reach the lifting point of the vehicle. Third, check if the cylinder arm is long enough to reach the chassis member vertically and lift the vehicle.

2. Jack Stand
A cylinder must always be used with two sturdy candles that must be placed in the slots recommended at the factory. These extra supports allow you to stay safe while working on the car's chassis. Although candles are effective, they can be unstable on asphalt floors. To resolve this problem, place the brackets on plywood.

3. Wheel chocks
You may think you do not need it until you find your car rolling in front of you while you are still repairing the underside of the car. This little tool has no other purpose than to act as a plug and well ... a lifeline.

Wheel chocks become essential if you ever need to repair your vehicle on a steep road. Make sure that the shims fit the size of the vehicle wheel and that they fit perfectly.

4. Cross key
A hook wrench is often called a tire iron and is by far the most commonly used emergency tire replacement tool. While the bushings help remove the wheel nuts from the wheel, the lever end found on both the L-shaped and X-shaped studs is used to remove the hub cap from the wheel. However, using only a spanner to tighten the wheel nuts may not be enough and so a torque wrench should be used later to be doubly safe.

5. Candle wrench
All you need is a spark plug wrench or a socket wrench with extension cord and plug. These are the perfect tools to remove a spark plug without damaging its threads or breaking the plug. Both tools must have a rubber grommet in the socket that allows for better grip on the plug when removing and replacing a spark plug.

6. Adjustable keys
An adaptable wrench can be made to unscrew any nut or bolt, making it an extremely practical tool to use for auto repair. This tool in itself can save you from having to buy multiple keys of different sizes. However, the thick head of this key makes it difficult to use this tool in tight areas of the vehicle.

7. Torque wrench
To limit yourself to torque specifications while tightening bolts and nuts, the torque wrench is the most accurate tool. The clutch mechanism of this tool makes it possible to apply the right amount of torque to the threaded fasteners. Opt for a torque wrench that has a torque range of 100 lb-ft or more.

8. Set of pliers
The pliers are versatile tools that can be used to cut and clear glued nuts, cut and bend the thick wire and compress the material. You must always have a lay of pliers that consist of a few wire cutters. Fill up on at least one or two types of needle-nosed pliers that can be used to reach parts of your car that your fingers simply are not going to.

9. Set of screwdrivers
A screwdriver game that comes with several types of heads can make your life a lot easier while working on your car. Opt for magnetized heads because these tips facilitate the removal of screws from inaccessible holes in case you accidentally drop them while working.

10. Hammer
You can not find yourself using a lot of hammers, but once in a while, you may want to slog the metal body of your car. Slight bumps and misalignments can be corrected by using the right hammer and Dolly carriage. Your hammer set must comprise a rubber mallet, which is great for smoothing bumps.

11. Tire inflator
Having a compact air compressor is a considerable tool to have every time you require to inflate your car tires. A small and compact 12-volt inflator can charge an mean car tire in minutes and is extremely lightweight to carry and easy to use. Such inflators can be extremely obliging in maintaining the recommended air pressure in your vehicle's tires.

12. Ratchet and socket
Having a ratchet and a socket set will allow you to adjust your vehicle on a regular basis. A standard ⅜ inch ratchet is more than enough to repair the nuts and bolts that come with a car. Always purchase a set that comes with an extension, because it works very well to reach difficult places.

13. Combination wrench
Keeping a few mixed SAE and metric keys in stock is always a good idea. Where other tools fail to reach the tight spaces of the engine compartment and other parts of the car, the smaller, thinner mixed keys do the work for you. Opt for a 12-point socket wrench that has the sizes you need.

14. Car multimeter
With a digital multimeter, you can examine the amperage and voltage of the car's battery and maintain it optimally. This way, you will not have to overthink about the death of your battery. Similarly, you can measure the resistance of the circuit of the components of your car.

15. Impact pistol
Not exactly an indispensable tool, an impact wrench / gun can certainly save you a lot of manual work by fixing the nuts and bolts in seconds. While a cordless lithium battery powered impact wrench will give you more portability, a pneumatic tool or wire impact wrench will provide more power.

16. Oil filter wrench
An oil filter wrench is the ideal tool to remove a stubborn oil filter that refuses to move. Often, when the car is worked by professionals, the oil filter is too tight, which makes its detachment excessive. In such cases, a collet wrench works wonderfully.

17. Flashlight
A flashlight is a should if your garage isn't well lit or if you need to see the interiors of your car more clearly. Always have one in your emergency toolbox that you keep in the car. You may require it if your car breaks down while driving at night.

Apart from these, an oil pan, a creeper, and a lot of rags are some other essentials that you will need while working on your car.